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After 30 years of cycling in Ayrshire, it is a surprise to our run co-ordinators that fresh ideas continue to emerge with what is essentially a fixed amount of road.

Certainly, we have annual standard rides which have proved their worth and the inclusion of out-of-county starts widens the potential for "fresh roads and lunch-stops new" to paraphrase with our needs.

But we are an Ayrshire group and that’s where most of our cycling is done.
So the question is, how have we kept a freshness in our rides programme?

We believe that the freshness comes from just two main sources - and these are local knowledge and a connection with the countryside which only cycling and walking can bring.

That’s where you come in.
We’re always looking for members to bring their own favourite routes and even lead them on our ride programme.

To make life easier, Cycling UK has collected all the information you need about leading a ride into one place - the

This contains plenty of information and advice about the policies and procedures that our Ride Leaders are expected to know about.

If you are interested in being a ride leader or offering up what you consider to be an interesting route, use the Contact form to express your interest.

Even if you don’t have a route of your own, check out our Route Catalogue
It contains routes we have done in the past therefore, any of them are suitable as a club ride.

Please note: You must be a current Cycling UK member to be a ride leader.

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