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We are Cycle Ayrshire, part of Cycling UK, and are Ayrshire's largest cycling club with a well established, all-year programme of rides varying from 15 to 75 miles.

With our wide spread of events, Cycle Ayrshire has explored many of the quieter roads in Ayrshire.

We have a selection of routes we have covered available as online maps, downloadable route guides or .gpx files.

Some of these routes use sections of cycle paths, minor roads, walkway bridges, forestry tracks, etc. to join up the route.
These routes are intended as touring or leisure routes therefore, some are not suitable for road race bikes with narrow tyres.

As a general rule, bikes with 28mm+ tyres will be fine.
25mm tyres with a reasonable tread pattern (not slicks) would also be OK on most of our routes.

On some routes, we do advise what we think is the appropriate minimum tyre size.

All route guides are in Adobe pdf format.
Adobe Reader is a free application for reading Adobe format publications.

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The Complete Catalogue

Clicking on the button below will load our entire Route Catalogue into a table with sortable headers.
i.e. You will be able to click on the table headers to sort the catalogue by name, distance or startpoint.

Click on the Route button in the table for additional information such as route description, route sheet and .gpx file availability, etc.


Search the catalogue

Use the drop down lists below to obtain a summary of routes which meet your choice(s).

e.g. You can search on a distance to get a summary of events which fall in that choice or, choose one of our Startpoints to get a summary of events which start at that particular location.

Choose at least ONE of the categories below before searching. (Hover on question mark in blue circle icon icons for additional info.)

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Lighter Moments

Cycling quote of the day:

There are no hard climbs - just weak legs!

-- Unknown --

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