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We are Cycle Ayrshire, part of Cycling UK, and are Ayrshire's largest cycling club with a well established, all-year programme of rides varying from 15 to 75 miles.

With the emphasis on sociable leisure cycling we are always glad to welcome new faces on our rides - and you don't have to sign-up immediately.

You can participate in up to 3 rides after which, due to insurance requirements, we would expect you to join Cycling UK if you wished to continue riding with us.

Saddlebag is the club newsletter for Cycle Ayrshire.
It is published 2-4 times per year.
To receive it electronically, subscribe here by choosing the Newsletter option.

Click the links in the Saddlebag panel below to view some of our back issues.

The Ride Reports panel contains reports from some rides within the last two months, sometimes written very much tongue-in-cheek.
Some names may have been changed to protect the guilty!

All Saddlebags and Ride Reports are in Adobe pdf format.
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Ride Reports

Adobe pdf icon Nov_13th_2017     Main Run
A fabulous Autumn day, with cold but dry conditions and no change forecast for the day, encouraged a group of 17 from Cycle Ayrshire to meet at the Kilmarnock starting point for a run predicted to be in the 35-40 mile bracket. ...

Adobe pdf icon Nov_6th_2017     Ladies Only
Self-congratulations for this good luck came prematurely as the return route via Adamton and Monkton took them into a hailstone assault with no hope of shelter from leafless trees. ...

Adobe pdf icon Oct_30th_2017     Easy Going
Pre-ride speech over, the group headed out past the old North Ayrshire Council headquarters at Perceton House and across the Irvine-Stewarton road to enter the network of minor roads. ...

Adobe pdf icon Oct_23rd_2017     Various
Ten riders assembled in Newmilns despite roadworks masking the start point.
Setting out for lunch in Strathaven, they crossed the River Irvine at the Townhead footbridge and ...

Adobe pdf icon Oct_16th_2017     Various
Symington, Gatehead and Dreghorn were likely calls enroute.
The early outward climb up and over Corraith Hill got breathing going, followed by some unexpected off road action at ...

After 30 years of cycling in Ayrshire, it is a surprise to our run coordinators that fresh ideas continue to emerge with what is essentially a fixed amount of road.

Certainly, we have annual standard rides which have proved their worth and the inclusion of out-of-county starts widens the potential for "fresh roads and lunch-stops new" to paraphrase with our needs.

But we are an Ayrshire group and that´s where most of our cycling is done.
So the question is, how have we kept a freshness in our rides programme?

We believe that the freshness comes from just two main sources - and these are local knowledge and a connection with the countryside which only cycling and walking can bring.

That´s where you come in.
We´re always looking for members to bring their own favourite routes and even lead them on our ride programme.

If you are interested in being a ride leader or offering up what you consider to be an interesting route, use any of the contact addresses in the Contact form to express your interest.

Even if you don´t have a route of your own, check out our Route Catalogue.
It contains routes we have done in the past therefore, any of them are suitable as a club ride.

Please note: You must be a current Cycling UK member to be a ride leader.

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Cycling quote of the day:

She who succeeds in gaining the mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of life.

-- Frances E. Willard (feminist activist), 1895 --

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